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The route is all on road and on leaving transition follows the A82 South along the by-pass to the West end roundabout, round the roundabout and back along the bypass following the A82 towards Inverness. At Spean Bridge (16.8Km from T1) you will be directed right and follow the A86 out as far as Aberarder (46.25Km from T1) where you will be turned on the road to retrace your route back to T1.

Cyclists are not to mount their bikes until clear of transition area and must secure their helmet before unracking their bike and after they have racked their bike at the end of the cycle. Cyclists must wear helmets that comply with recognised standards (ANSI or BSI). Cyclists must obey the Highway Code at all times and follow all directions given by race marshals and police. The roads will be open to traffic, so PLEASE be aware of cars.

We will have marshals placed at most junctions and areas of risk. We will try to make the markings as obvious as possible but try to keep an eye on where you are.

Competitors must be vigilant and aware of other road users.

• There will be drinks and feeding stations throughout the course
• You must ride with due respect for the Highway Code
• Dangerous riding will result in disqualification


Please note, there will be a cut off time at Laggan dam (19 miles Approx / 30Km). Any rider not reaching this point will be turned back at this point 2 hrs 15 mins after the race start.

Riders should be aiming to complete the cycle in 3 hr 30 mins max.

Riders arriving back 4hr 30 min after start time should will be asked to complete a half distance Ben Nevis Run.

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