Meet Alister Brown

Age: 25

From: Worcester 

About Alister: I raced triathlon for a couple of years before I heard about duathlon. I’m now a GBR Age-Group duathlete. Running is my strength, and I’ve been a runner for four years and have run four marathons over four days for charity. I’ve been a cyclist for three years, and have done swimming but the training commitment was too high, so I stopped and focussed on duathlon. However, I shall be dipping in the water a little to get ready for this race! 

Typical training week:

I run three to four times a week and cycle three times as well as going to the gym once or twice for strength and conditioning work. I’m going to be adding open water swimming into my routine now – but might wait for the temperature to rise.

My Braveheart race goals:

My goals for the Braveheart Tri are first of all to remember how to swim! I also want to make the most of taking in the scenery as it looks like a beautiful place. Being safe is always a big goal of mine; I can deal with off-par performances but not crashing a bike or not falling down a mountain are my main aims along with enjoying the whole event.

What are you most looking forward to about the Braveheart Tri?

The scenery, the experience of running up a huge mountain, and crossing the finish line with a smile of course. One thing I’ve learned is never to take races so seriously and that I perform better when I have a more relaxed approach. I always look forward to meeting new people as well as I can be know to chat, a bit.

Alister’s Braveheart Tri Tips

Train on tough terrain Train on the same terrain you would in a race. If the race is on a mountain, go find some hills to train on so your legs and heart rate can adapt. Running to the summit of Ben Nevis will be hard! I live close to the Malvern Hills, my training base will therefore be at the bottom of the hills.

Train in the open water It can be choppy, cold or difficult to see the buoys therefore you must practice in open water. It also feels very different swimming in a wetsuit so it’s great to practice how that feels. 

Race a standard triathlon Try a standard distance triathlon a month or two before which has a hard off-road run and challenging swim. I’m going to take part in the BRAT Birmingham Standard Triathlon because it has an open water swim and the run has a lovely steep hill that you climb up four times!