Alister Brown, an age-grouper triathlete tells us how he’s prepared for the Ben Nevis Braveheart Triathlon.

“With just over two weeks to go until the Braveheart triathlon, I can feel Ben Nevis looming over me. I am rather excited –albeit nervous as I’ve done nothing quite like this before and the pre-race butterflies are already flapping.

The Swim

“When I think about the swim alone. I’ve been preparing by doing some training in the local sailing lake. It’s a bit serious with all of the triathletes thundering around and occasionally giving you a good whack; and it’s not even race day yet. Nonetheless, I forgot how much I enjoy being able to swim in the not-so-cold water on an early morning and it’s helping me get used to the wetsuit again. I’ve been aiming to swim twice a week and cover roughly one to one and a half miles per session.

The Bike

Alister Brown Fundraising on turbo bike“The bike leg will be done on my trusty road bike as, with a heavy heart, I have had to sell my TT bike. However, I feel more comfortable on my road bike and if the course is “undulating” I may not lose as much time as if it was super speedy and flat.

“I am doing a lot of fundraising which means I have done a few five hour turbo sessions on my local high street so I’ve been killing two birds with one stone! I am just making sure to remember to bring plenty of spare inner tubes for the long bike leg. Overall, I have been only managing one bike session a week, albeit a long one.

The Run

“Running brings a smile to my face – and sometimes tears – as two weeks ago I completed in and was runner-up in the Extreme North Quadrathon in Ireland which consisted of four half marathons being run in four days (there is also a full marathon option). This has been great as it means I’ve trained well for my favourite discipline, however running up and down Ben Nevis is a completely different kettle of fish so I will be treating it a lot of respect and maybe mercy!

“I have been running three or four times a week as two weeks after the race I will also be completing the Bournemouth Marathon. Overall, I am happy that I have some endurance in me, but not much speed, however luckily this event is a lot about endurance and speed is forgotten about (unless you are the superhuman type who will go and win the race!). Time is ticking but there are still two weeks left to get some quality endurance training in!”


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