8 weeks before the race, I decided to do the Braveheart extreme triathlon, after being injured all season and well what a race that is… It lives up to its name for sure.

7 weeks of hard training thanks to my coach Bonnie from G Squad and before I knew it, it was the Friday before the race, driving down to Fort William I started getting nervous, my second race this season and was praying my knee would hold, ( it should I kept saying after all the training )
Arriving at registration way too early, as usual, we managed a quick hi to everyone, and a great interview with Duncan for the adventure show and we headed off to the water to go test it out,
500m in which was enough and back out to go get some food and the briefing at 8:30.
Once back at the B&B we double checked everything then a quick hot bath to loosen my muscles and off to sleep.

4:45 am the alarms going off and I’m out of bed like a shot… Race day is here,
Time for a quick breaky and off to the start,
Arriving there it was dark and cold,
Racking the bike and chatting with friends Dougie and Sean we were laughing and joking a lot, think this kept us a bit warmer and my nerves were showing I think.
I’d like to thank Dougie for finding my dibber in the dunny, saved my bacon
6:50! Swim time…  As we were led by the wonderful Piper through the pearly gate, the water drew closer and that’s it I’m in and swimming,
Before I knew it we were off !!

32 minutes later and a sore head from hitting a blue bouy ( yeah I hit one )
I was out the water running to the bike, a long transition 10minutes 30 I was on the bike trying to warm up,
Getting passed by a few folk that made me feel I was stopped, yeah Fraser you know you were firing like a steam train.
I made the turn and headed back meeting a few folk that had overtaken me earlier, feeling great and chatting to some people, we made great time, leaving me about 6km before the end I thought, well I’ll see you on the hill.
2hrs 42 mins later I was in and off the bike and 3mins 40 I was running for the loo, after 50 miles of needing a pee,
A steady pace to the hill seen me pass a few people and I was on the hill
Poles out and stomping up. I was making good time, passing even more folk before reaching the half way point. Spirits were high now, feeling I knew I was in the top 30, which is where I wanted to finish, but I still had another half to climb and come back down again…
Half way point was fun with lots of music and dancing. A quick dib, a thanks and a high five and I was off again.
Walking alongside another competitor I saw him struggling so gave him one of my poles to aid him up, ( I can’t remember his name )! Hitting the top I was greeted by a lovely woman who had lots of pork pie and blueberries, 2hrs to the top !! Happy days !!!
Thank you for all the refreshments

Now time to make heist, getting a good rhythm was difficult on the way down but I managed some sort of hop skip jump thing,
Regaining my second pole from the guy I’d lent it to earlier, I did insist he keep it but he thanked me and told me to take it. Setting off again I gained lots of speed now I was back on two poles, all be it not the strongest as they bent pretty quickly but still held up,
Another high five to the half way crew and before I knew it I was bumping into Dougie, a quick chat to see how he was getting on and I was off to the finish.
Hitting the bottom of the hill I met Sean quick hi and ditched my bag and poles and made a steady 8:30 pace back to the finish
It was an awesome sight seeing all the people there cheering you in. I dibbed in for one last time and that was it! I had just completed one of the toughest 70.2 ironman races in the UK.
Going to get my times I realised I had not only finished in my quickest ever time but I’d finished 18th!
Talk about the perfect race for me, couldn’t have gone any better, well maybe the bike but that will come.
Thanks to all the race organisers and all the volunteers who took their time to come and let us race

See you next year.