Chris Stirling is a 34 year old triathlete based in Ambleside, in the Lake District. He works full time in the Climbers’ Shop and loves the mountains

“I sensibly chose to race the Celtman Extreme as my first triathlon back in 2012. I had always wanted to compete in a triathlon, something about it had sown a seed years ago when as kid I saw it on Channel 4’s early morning programme  TransWorld Sport but it took another 15 to 16 years before I got round to it.

“Coming from a background in rock climbing, mountaineering and a bit of fell running, I knew I had to do the race as soon as I saw it. It didn’t matter that I could barely swim and had no background in cycling, I was inspired and had to find out if it was possible for me to complete. So I trained for six months, with help along the way from many friends and eventfully race day arrived. I finished in 14hr13 and it’s safe to say I was hooked! I came back in 2014 after committing fully to triathlon training and finished 2nd in 12hr03.

“I now race anything that involves mountains, bikes, mud, sea, lakes, adventure! There is something about the journey and my love for the mountains draws me to races such as The Braveheart, starting the day in a fresh sea loch with the prospect of visiting the summit of Ben Nevis after a 90km bike ride in beautiful country sounds a wonderful adventure. It also means I get to train as much as possible in the hills and mountains of the Lake District, I love the journey to the start line as much as actually finishing the events. You have to take these races one step at a time, but I am most looking forward the views from the top of Ben Nevis. I have visited the summit many times before but have so far failed to have a good look from the top!

“In my relatively short time racing I have had some of the best experiences of my life, made new friendships and learnt so much about myself, I am looking forward to the Braveheart for more of the same.”

Racing Highlights

2nd place finishes in 2014 and 2015 at The Celtman Extreme Triathlon

1st place at the 2014 Wasdale Half Iron Distance Triathlon

1st place in 2015 Coniston Old Man Triathlon

Represented Northern Ireland for Mountain Running, 2013 and 2014

Norseman 2015, 20th place, 11hrs 28

Season so far

1st place at the Windermere Triathlon

3rd place at The Legend Half Distance, Snowdonia

9th place at The Oravaman Extreme Triathlon, Slovakia