4 Facts you need to know

  1. On race day you will climb a total of 1341M (4,400ft) and descend the same amount. Check out the profile here.
  2. You will run a total of 19.91KM (12.3 miles).
  3. The first and last 3.5K are on tarmac, the rest on the Ben Nevis ‘Tourist Trail’.
  4. According to http://ben-nevis.com/ because the track, which was created for ponies to reach the top, has a lot of zig zags, “it’s not unusually steep apart from in the initial stages, with a gradient of not more than one in five”.

Be Prepared

Get your kit bag ready in advance and make sure you’ve practiced running with a hydration vest, specific gels/nutrition, and the shoes and accessories you plan to use on the day.

As the video shows, Sean McFarlane suggests the following kit for the run section: