The Weekly Plan:


Aim to complete 5 x 500m at goal Braveheart race pace, with the following recovery:

Recreational Pan

90 seconds recovery between each 500M rep.

Competitive Plan

25 seconds recovery between each 500M rep.


Aim to climb 300m, every 30KM during a ride. If this is not possible find a hill and complete seated hill repeats covering 15 to 20KM total distance. Safely turn round and ride back down as your recovery.

Recreational Pan

Ride at anticipated Braveheart race effort/heart rate below your threshold for bike. Focus on keeping good form and avoid your body moving and holding back.

Competitive Plan

Ride each hill just above anticipated Braveheart race effort. Ride in a gear harder than normal and slightly lower cadence to improve leg strength for every other climb.

*Run one

The Ben Nen Nevis half iron distance run involves 1341m of uphill hill climbing! The run requires you to climb on average 67 metres per mile but in reality you climb 1341 metres during the first 10KM which equates to 134m per mile for the first 10km

Find a hill that is 10 to 14 per cent in gradient. Run up for one minute, walk for 20 seconds, run down relaxed and brisk walk for 20 seconds, repeat as stated below.

Recreational plan

Repeat eight to 12 times. 

Competitive plan

Complete this 14 to 18 times. Aim to complete all the reps in the same time this will require you to increase the effort by five to 10 per cent depending on your hill hill fitness. Avoid taking longer for the final two to five of these specific hill repeats.

Downhill focus. Once you can run relax when fresh you will have no problem during the round trip back from the top of Ben Nevis.

Learn to relax: loose hands, loose elbows, loose arms and loose shoulders. Relax the mind ignore your fears of falling over this will simply make you tense, first practise on a slight down hill and learn to run more relaxed and more free. Imagine you are a child with no fear. This will stop you naturally braking as you run down. Trust your shoes and if you slide or slip keep going to counter balance on the next few strides. Keep strides long while bending your legs. Think of fast feet that react to the surface. Lean forward avoid leaning back. Look father ahead looking just in front will not give you time to pick a better line and allow the brain to think about the best foot plant. Imagine your arms are windmills Continually adapt your technique to the terrain that is in front of you.

*Strength and Conditioning

If you can’t train on the hills (for example you’re on holiday) try doing squats and lunges to improve leg strength. There is still time to improve for the Brave Heart Triathlon

Nutrition plan

Practise race day nutrition this week. Eat breakfast before you swim. On the bike start hydrated and aim to consume 200 to 280 calories per hour from carbohydrates (50g to 70g).