8 weeks to go (25/7/16)

Here’s some more key training sessions to help get you round, or be competitive, from coach Mark Kleanthous.

The Weekly Plan:

If you’re racing this week listen to your body and avoid training efforts more than five per cent above anticipated Braveheart race pace.

*Swim 1  1.2 mile open water swim or a race pool swim of 1500M at an effort you would complete if completing in an Olympic distance triathlon.

*Swim 2  Main set: 600M as 200m intervals with 1 minute recovery. Looking up (water polo style swimming) as follows: every four strokes first 200M, every six strokes second 200M and every eight strokes the final 200M. Repeat 3 times (1800m).

Warm up and cool down: Drills

Do 2 x 50M as 25M drill; 25M swim, rest 30 seconds and repeat the drill. If you have time do up five sets of 2 x 50M  in the warm up or break it up as 3 x 2 x 50M in the warm up and 2 x 2 x 50M in the cool down. Try this single arm drill.

*Bike 90K with sections at race pace, or complete a 40K bike at Olympic triathlon effort. These are time efficient bike workouts but very demanding so make sure you complete VERY easy bike rides of up to two hours for the rest of the week. You worked too hard in either of the above workouts if you find two hours hard, or you need to improve your nutrition and hydration during and post-tough workouts.

*Run 13.1 miles at race pace or a 10K at Olympic triathlon effort.

*Rest This is a tough week so make sure you include rest as part of your training – this is when you absorb the training and improve. Avoid back to back key sessions.

*Strength and Conditioning. If you can fit it in, add in two 20-minute Strength and Conditioning sessions and make sure you stretch too. Alternatively, find a yoga or pilates class. If you’re racing it’s important to take time to relax and stretch. If you can fit in a sports massage, too.

The rest of this weeks training should focus on improving your technique and becoming more efficient.


If you find a two hour ride too hard just aim to complete a long ride of up to four hours. And drop one or two of the hard sessions if you are struggling.


Later in the week also complete an interval session 90 to 120 seconds – ideally, off-road or grass fields.