Fiona Bugler has completed her first week of training for Braveheart

Last week I managed just over 8.5 hours in total, made up of:

One hour 22 of open water swimming

One hour 18 of cycling

Four and a half hours running (including one interval set and one off road run)

30 minutes of strength and conditioning exercises

One hour of personal training


“The sea has warmed up and is now almost 14.5 degrees. It’s been great to swim without the 30-minute post swim shivering and shaking. Last week I managed to do three sea swims and each time I went did a little bit more, 23 minutes, 26 minutes, and 29 minutes. The sea was different for each swim. On the 23-minute swim the sea wanted to pull us away from the shore as we swam out, and so I kept as close to the shoreline as possible. On the 26-minute swim (at 615am!) the the outward journey towards the pier was swift; on the way back it was a different matter. I took the advice of more experienced, local triathletes who told me to “hug the coast”. I was reassured to know that everyone found it hard. The 29-minute swim was like swimming in a pool, albeit with no vision and the feel of tentacle-free (and therefore sting-free) Comb Jelly Fish slipping through my fingers.


“I’m also pleased to report that with 14 weeks to go, I finally got on my bike (the first time in over a year according to my STRAVA records). Not for the three hours I planned, but a solid spin class and an 11-mile out and back road ride to reminded me I need to master potholes, bumps and roundabouts before I can really begin to push hard on the bike!


“After the South Downs Relay on the previous Saturday and 5 x 1K at 5K pace on Tuesday I was a little weary so the rest of my running was easy, with one off road run. For the last month I’ve recorded low mileage weeks, and it feels odd to have upped my training this week, but still to only have logged 30 miles (historically I’ve only really ran well when I’m clocking big mileage). I’m trying to stick to a goal of training in hours, and not mileage and not get too hung up about how many miles are recorded (although having only run 21 miles by Saturday, I had to do nine yesterday to make sure I at least hit 30!) Interestingly, I’m finding it surprisingly harder doing seven hours of running, cycling and swimming compared to seven hours of straight running! The sea swims in particular are very tiring, but I’m loving it and learning something new every week!

14-week countdown

This week, there’s 14 weeks to go. It is a busy work week and it’s a case of fitting in what I can as next week I have an operation on my leg which could put me out for a few weeks! So despite my lack of training (particularly on the bike), I’ve decided the best way to get going is to race and I’ve entered a sprint tri on Sunday.