10 weeks to go (11/7/16)

The countdown continues and there are 10 weeks to go. Here are more key training sessions to help get you round, or be competitive, from official race coach Mark Klenathous.

*Swim for a total that adds up to one to two hours including at least one hour of drills (one to two). Water is 300 per cent denser than air so it is important to be as efficient as possible.

*Bike for three to six hours including one long hilly ride (three to five). 

*Run for three hours spread over two runs, one long easy run on hilly ground and the key hill session, and if you have time an easy run or add an easy run to a brick session.

*Rest make sure you include rest as part of your training, and avoid back to back key sessions.

*Strength and Conditioning. If you an fit it in, add in two 20 minute Strength and Conditioning sessions. TRY these core exercises from Tri Radar https://www.triradar.com/training-advice/the-art-of-complex-training/). (40 minutes)

This week’s key training session: 


Find a very steep hill and break it up into three so you can vary pace and work on strength and speed endurance.

Main set: 8 to 12 reps split up so that  you do one third short, one third medium and one third long. Jog recovery on the way down.

As with last week’s swim set, be consistent.


Do nine reps: three short and fast; three medium focus on posture; and three longer reps. Walk back down for recovery for all.


Do 12 reps: four short and fast; four medium focus on posture; and four longer reps. Jog or walk back down for recovery for all.


Lift your feet off the floor, raise your knees and use your arms to power you up on the shorter reps. Hill training will build your strength and economy on the ‘Ben’.