7 weeks to go (1/8/16)

With less than two months to go until the big day, we’re in the midst of hard training. This week’s key training sessions from coach Mark Kleanthous are hard work, with great rewards.

The Weekly Plan:

This week you have four key workouts including one swim, one run, and two bike to runs. They are all hard sessions, so if you need to, you can stick to doing just these, or you can add in some easy swim/bike/runs or rest days around them. Either way, ensure that you spread out the hard work, and allow rest/recovery either side of the harder sessions. For example:

Monday: Easy bike, run or swim or OFF.

Tuesday: Run hill set.

Wednesday: Easy bike, run or swim or OFF.

Thursday: Bike to run time trial.

Friday: Easy bike, run or swim or OFF.

Saturday: Swim 2K time trial open water.

Sunday: Bike to run tempo.


*Swim  2K time trial 


Break up distance into 400m segments, and aim to swim each one at anticipated Braveheart race effort.


Complete a short warm up 50 to 100m then take up to 100m building up to and holding anticipated race pace until you have covered 2000m time trial. The additional 100m will help it to feel easier and if you go off course you will be able to cope more mentally.

Training Notes

  • Establish the most number of strokes you can take without looking up and without going off course (adding to the distance). Then aim to look up every eight strokes (water polo style swimming), every other 50m to practise staying on course.

*Run  8 to 11 hill repetitions between one and two minutes long


Run eight one-minute hill reps at marathon pace, jog down and then walk for a minute for recovery.


Run 11 two-minute hill reps at half-marathon pace, jog down and then walk for a minute for recovery.

Training Notes

  • For both, make sure you include a thorough warm up and cool down including a jog and some drills to warm up, then a jog and stretching to cool down.

*Bike-Run  Time trial and run


Complete a 30-minute time trial, then immediately after run easy for 35 minutes.


Complete a 50-minute time trial, then immediately after run briskly for 30 minutes, easy for 15 minutes.

*Bike-Run  Tempo bike and run.


Cycle for one hour at just below your goal Braveheart race pace, then run for 40 minutes at moderate effort.


Cycle on a hilly route for one hour at just above your goal Braveheart race pace, then run for one hour with 20 minutes at 10km effort, 20 minutes half marathon effort, 10 minutes at easy pace.

Training Notes

  • The Ben Nevis Braveheart Triathlon has been described as a runner’s triathlon and many of the previous participants took longer on the run than the bike, so it makes sense to include these faster pace brick sessions to build your stamina for race day.