11 weeks to go (4/7/16) Here’s some more key training sessions to help get you round, or be competitive, from coach Mark Klenathous.

Like last week:

*Swim for a total that adds up to one to two hours including at least one hour of drills (one to two)

*Bike for three to five hours including hills (three to five). Do one long bike ride add up to 20% to your longest run of the last eight weeks.

*Run for three hours spread over two runs, one long run on hilly ground and one interval session. And if you can add a run to bike session.

*Rest make sure you include rest as part of your training, and avoid back to back key sessions.

*Strength and Conditioning. If you an fit it in, add in two 20 minute Strength and Conditioning sessions. TRY these core exercises from Tri Radar https://www.triradar.com/training-advice/the-art-of-complex-training/). (40 minutes)

This week’s key training session: 

Swim 2,200m

1 x 100m easy to find the feel for the water, take 60 seconds recovery and

Main set 2000m (20 x 100m), just below current anticipated pace you can maintain for 1900m, for each 100m

1 x 100m easy cooling down

Be consistent. Make each rep with a five second range, for example 1:40>1:45.

Complete Braveheart

40 seconds between reps.


20 seconds between reps.


As you get fitter and taper expect your speed to increase for this manageable bite size sections.