Mark Kleanthous is one of the country’s leading triathlete coaches who will be joining us for the Braveheart Triathlon on September 17th 2016. Here’s his lighthearted play on words and tips!

B = Ben Nevis mountain can be brutal yet beautiful, with an altitude of 4,141 feet (1,346m).

R  = Run and bike strong in training. Work on resistance exercises at the gym that are specific to cycling and running at least twice a week to build strength in your core muscles and to give power to your legs on this super-tough course.

A = Acclimatise to cold water by training as much as possible in open water and try to cover the 1.2 miles as often as possible.

V = give yourself time to enjoy the stunning views!

E = Energy gels on the bike and run and a good bowl of porridge will keep you going through the race.

H = Hilly bike and run – not for the faint-hearted, but for the brave-hearted.

E = Enjoy the journey from the start!

A = Attitude A positive mental attitude counts for everything in this event. 

R = Remember the spirit of Braveheart – the 13th-century Scottish warrior!

T = The Triathlon to Triumph – and one you will remember for the rest of your life!