4 weeks to go

The Weekly Plan

Check bike tyres and replace if they have signs of wear and cuts and get bike serviced. Note, by now you’ll know if you’re stronger on one discipline than the other, and so you can opt for the competitive workout for the one you’re stronger on, and the recreational workout on your weaker discipline.


Swim 10 x 200m at Braveheart race day swim effort.

Complete in a swimming pool or open water.

Open Water workout will be more specific. You can estimate the swim distance in open water by time you would take in a swimming pool or take the number of strokes you would take to swim 200m.vAn average swimmer will take between 150 to 178 strokes to cover 200m.


Swim all 10 x 200m at anticipated half iron pace take one minutes rest between all 10.


Swim all 10 x 200m at anticipated half iron pace take just 20 seconds rest between all 10.

Bike Run 

This week you need to complete two back to back bike to run workouts on different days aiming to complete both at anticipated half iron distance effort.

First half of run brisk, second half medium effort for both runs after cycling. Choose a hilly run out and back. If this is not possible run out into a head wind and back in a tail wind.

It’s ok to complete key weekly sessions on consecutive days. For example one on Saturday and number two on Sunday.


Key session one

1 hour bike followed within 5 minutes by 30 minute run.

Key session two

40 minute bike followed within 5 minutes by 20 minute run.


Key session one

90-minute bike followed within fvie minutes by 60-minute run

Key session two

40-minute bike followed within five minutes by 40-minute run



Easy run up to 80 per cent of the longest distance or time taken you have been running in the last eight weeks.

If your longest run was 1:40 (100 minutes) then complete a run no further than 80 minutes.